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WP3: Improvement of SESAR2020+ ConOps


To use differences between emergent behaviours identified for the SESAR2020+ ConOps and the powerful emergent behaviours identified for an advanced airborne self-separation ConOps as valuable learning points for the improvement of the SESAR2020+ ConOps.

Description of work

WP3 is organized through conducting two successive tasks.

T3.1: Systematic comparison of the emergent behaviours found for the SESAR2020+ ConOps with those reported in (Blom and Bakker, 2012)* for an advanced airborne self-separation ConOps. For each difference found an explanation needs to be identified what the differences are regarding the underlying systemic mechanisms.

T3.2: For each of the differences found in emergent behaviours, options for potential modifications of the SESAR2020+ ConOps are identified, together with their expected impacts on the emergent behaviours. Once this list of potential options has been identified, a ConOps design expert decides which options to adopt for improvement of the SESAR2020+ ConOps, and which not.

* H.A.P. Blom and G.J. Bakker, Can airborne self-separation safely accommodate very high en-route traffic demand?, Proc. AIAA ATIO conference, 17-19 September 2012, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.