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WP1: Dissemination


To disseminate project information, obtain external feedback, and liaise with SESAR and industry.

Description of work

WP1 is organized through conducting three tasks.

T1.1: Web site
Creation of website and news feed to provide a regular and thorough flow of information about the project and its results to both industry and academic community.

T1.2: Meetings with SESAR experts
Meetings to present and discuss SESAR2020+ results obtained so far and receive comments and advise from SESAR experts.

T1.3: Journals and conferences attended by the aviation industry
Dissemination of results of the project through papers to the aviation industry and academic community via relevant scientific journals and conferences, such as SESAR Innovation Days, Complex World (CW) events, ATOS conference, AIAA-ATIO conference, ATM conference.