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EMERGIA list of publications

ID Name Type Date
SID 2013 In search of positive emergent behaviour in Trajectory Based Operations SESAR Innovation Days paper [846 KB] 26-28 November 2013
EMERGIA D2.2 Emergent behaviour of simulation model Report D2.2 [3,686 KB] 31 December 2014
EMERGIA D3.1 Report on the proposed improvements to the A3G concept Report D3.1 [959 KB] 01 April 2015
ATIO 2015 Can ground-based separation accommodate very high en route traffic demand as well as advanced self-separation? ATIO 2015 paper [1,029 KB] 22-26 June 2015
EMERGIA D4.1 Improved Simulation model Report D4.1 [4,731 KB] 06 April 2016
EMERGIA D4.2 Emergent behaviour of improved simulation model Report D4.2 [1,727 KB] 8 November 2016
EMERGIA D0.9 Publishable Summary Report D0.9 [40 KB] June 2016
EMERGIA paper at SID2016 Agent-based modelling and simulation of Trajectory Based Operations under very high traffic demand Proceedings SESAR Innovation Days 2016 [1,706 KB] Delft, 8-9 November 2016